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Strategic Priorities

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Key Priorities

  • Maximise the academic potential of every student. 
  • Deliver a curriculum that is dynamic, engaging and relevant.
  • Equip students with skills to thrive.

At Kilvington, we strive to deliver an inspired learning culture. High expectations and positive student-teacher relationships create an engaging and supportive learning environment. Teachers know their students and challenge them to achieve their personal best. The curriculum at Kilvington is dynamic, engaging and relevant and supports the development of critical and creative thinking. Students are empowered to translate learning into action and understand their connection to a changing world

Key Priorities

  • Develop a proactive wellbeing program across the School. 
  • Maintain a diverse and engaging co-curricular program.
  • Develop young people of character who will have a positive impact on the world.

Based upon the core conviction that every individual is of infinite value and intrinsic worth and needs to be treated with dignity and respect, we take great pride in the focus we place on the care of each student, through the delivery of holistic and student-centred wellbeing approaches. These are embedded and implemented in conjunction with our innovative and formative personal values and character initiative programs. We are committed to helping our students become thinking, strong, caring and respectful people who, once leaving school, will positively engage with and contribute meaningfully to the world around them.

Key Priorities

  • Attract, develop and retain quality staff. 
  • Provide leadership development and opportunities for staff. 
  • Provide an engaging professional development program. 
  • Foster and enhance staff wellbeing.

Kilvington is committed to fostering a people-centric culture inspiring our staff to achieve their best. We offer an engaged workplace by providing leadership development and opportunities for all staff, and we take a strategic and proactive approach to attract, develop and retain skilled people so that we can provide a quality experience for our community.

Key Priorities

  • Provide opportunities for students and their families to develop deep connections with the Kilvington community. 
  • Connect students with mentors, community groups and industry. 
  • Build relationships with alumni through valuable experiences.

Embedded in Kilvington’s history and culture is a commitment to foster and develop deep connections with our students and families so that they feel a genuine sense of belonging and connection to their community. To help students prepare for life beyond Kilvington, we provide opportunities for them to develop relationships with local community groups, businesses, universities and former students. And once graduating, becoming members of our alumni, our students continue to experience the value of being part of the Kilvington family

Key Priorities

  • Reduce our carbon footprint and develop and maintain sustainable practices. 
  • Ensure the School remains financially sustainable. 
  • Maintain strong enrolments, but ensure the School remains a smaller coeducational, independent school of excellence. 
  • Deliver on our master plan to build for the 21st Century.

Kilvington is committed to being a school of choice for families seeking a smaller coeducational, independent school of excellence. We will continue to meet the future educational needs of our students by delivering progressive and innovative programs and facilities, whilst remaining financially and environmentally sustainable in a community-based setting.



Our Statement of Commitment to Child Safety and associated policies can be found here.


Kilvington Grammar School supports and promotes the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

– elected government

– the rule of law

– equal rights for all before the law

– freedom of religion

– freedom of speech and association

– the values of openness and tolerance.

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