Our Commitment to Child Safety

Kilvington Grammar is committed to providing a child-safe environment. We believe our students have the right to feel and be safe. We value and respect student empowerment and participation when make decisions that affect them.

We have zero tolerance for child abuse and are committed to acting in our students' best interests and keeping them safe from harm. We regard our child safety responsibilities with the utmost importance and, as such, are committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure compliance with all relevant child safety laws and regulations and maintaining a child-safe culture.

Our commitment to child safety is an integral part of every aspect of the School. Therefore, every member of the school community has a responsibility to ensure that individually and collectively that wellbeing of our students is at the forefront of all that they do and every decision that they make.

Our Child Safety and Wellbeing Philosophy

We believe child safety is a responsibility to be shared by every member of our school community.

We respect and value the diverse and unique identities of all students, including those students with disability, are from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, are unable to live at home and LGBTQIA+ students.

As part of our commitment to create a child-safe culture, we have developed policies, procedures, practices and measures. These include:

  • Embedding the Child Safety Standards in our Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy
  • Establishing a framework for acceptable and unacceptable behaviours for all adults in our school community in our Child Safety Code of Conduct
  • Providing parents, guardians and students with information on how they can raise a concern or complaint involving a member of staff in our Complaints Resolution Policy
  • Informing our community on how we respond to child safety incidents and concerns in our Procedures for Managing Child Safety Incidents or Concerns, including Child Safe Complaints at or involving the School, its staff, volunteers or contractors
  • Providing guidance to our community on how to report child safety incidents and concerns in our Procedures for Responding to Child Safety Incidents or Concerns (including Mandatory Reporting)
  • Informing our community of a set of principles and professional boundaries which describe the professional conduct, personal conduct and professional competence expected of a Kilvington Grammar School staff member by the School, their colleagues and the broader community in our Staff and Student Professional Boundaries Policy
  • Providing a framework for reporting child safety incidents or concerns.





    Supporting Documents


    * For Parents, guardians and students.
    ^ Involving the School, staff, volunteers and contractors.

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