Parents and Friends Association

The Kilvington Parents’ and Friends’ Association (PFA) provides a diverse range of opportunities for parents to engage with School through social and community events. Every parent is a member of PFA.

Community is a key pillar at Kilvington and the learning environment is enhanced by parents, their skills and life experiences.  Positive relationships lie at the heart of a successful learning journey: relationships between students and other students, students and staff and – perhaps, most crucially of all, – between home and school.  PFA is about connections, the environment we create and enjoying the school journey together.

The PFA meets in the Staff Lounge for an hour from 7:30pm each month, and it is good place to meet parents from across the cohorts.  Gathering and event preparation is carried out offsite at mutually convenient social times and shared at the General meetings.  All parents are welcome.

Class Social Representatives (CSRS) play a significant role in connecting our families, and each cohort will host family events throughout the year. 

If you would like more information about parent engagement through PFA, please do not hesitate to contact Kilvington on (03) 9578 6231 or email  

You can find more information, including Secondhand Uniform Shop opening and meeting dates and signing up to volunteer here.

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