International Students

An Australian Cultural Experience

Kilvington has an excellent academic record and a long association with students from overseas whom have consistently achieved outstanding academic results, both at school and at tertiary levels.

Our smaller size, and strong sense of community is particularly appealing to overseas families. We offer only a small number of places for students from overseas which assists them to fully integrate into our Australian culture, form friendships, discover their strengths and talents and develop English in a supportive and safe environment.

Our exchange students are hosted by welcoming families associated with the School. All students have their own room, and transport to and from School can be arranged. We provide English as a Second Language (ESL) and a strong academic program is offered with a comprehensive careers program.

Each student is assigned to a House to feel part of a team and experience a sense of belonging. Student wellbeing is coordinated by one House Dean for consistency of care. Students from overseas are paired with an Australian student, and are also supervised by our International Students Coordinator.

Close assistance is provided to help each student establish and implement effective strategies for their future. At the same time, a healthy balance between academic and co-curricular activities is encouraged.

For further information please contact our Admissions Office:

Liz Chegwin
Director of Admissions
P: 03 9578 6231

Chinese Student Introduction

Vietnamese Student Introduction

Korean Student Introduction

For Korean student information please contact our Admissions Office:
P: 03 9578 6231

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