Choosing the Right School for your Child


In the great city of Melbourne we are indeed spoiled for choice when it comes to quality schools. However, this can also be overwhelming. Below is a guide to help your family identify the key aspects of what to look for, and the questions to ask when visiting potential schools. We wish you the very best in your search and thank you for considering Kilvington.

  • Assess your child’s personal qualities – write a list
  • Determine your educational preferences and values – write a list
  • Research schools to match your child’s qualities and your preferences and values
  • List your education goals for your child
  • Match your child and your preferences to the school
  • Enrol in more than one school. A back up plan is always a good idea
  • School location. Is the school close to your home? What transport options are available?
  • Philosophical or religious focus of the school – does this match your preferences?
  • The curriculum offered and the subject focus including, academic and elective courses
  • Welcoming and open attitude?
  • Size of the school
  • Before and after school programs
  • School holiday programs
  • Clear and open academic performance reports
  • Assess the facilities and the environment
  • Class size and structure – number of students in each class
  • Technology and resources – is there a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy?
  • Reputation
  • Academic performance of the school, ie ATAR and NAPLAN results
  • School’s relationship with its community
  • Approach to student welfare and wellbeing – what support and programs are offered?
  • Handling of health issues
  • How does the school engage its students?
  • Is the school accepting of differences, or is there an expectation of conformity or honouring tradition? – Does this align with your values and expectations?
  • Differentiation in learning programs

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