Based upon the core conviction that every individual is of infinite value and intrinsic worth and needs to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect, we have an enviable reputation for care at Kilvington. 


We recognise that students learn most effectively when their emotional, social and physical needs are being met. 

The goal of pastoral care is to support each student, promote self-confidence in a happy and warm environment, and work closely with families to ensure that each child will flourish. Pastoral care consists of mentoring, guiding, monitoring and nurturing the students under our care.

What is best for students to maximize their care?

  • Monitor academic and wellbeing needs of every student.
  • A pastoral care system that ensures students are personally connected and individually known and cared for by equipped, empowered and confident staff.


Founded at Stanford University’s d.School, Project Wayfinder brings an innovative approach to social emotional learning. 

Wayfinder brings an innovative approach to social emotional learning. These programs are inspired by cutting-edge, academic research and draw upon practices of traditional wayfinding navigation and is tailored for each year level.

Belonging | Years 7-9

1 - Self

Students learn to explore their identities and experiences through activities focused on sharing, reflecting, and understanding.

2 – Community

Assists students to build meaningful and compassionate relationships with each other, their communities, and the wider world.

3 – Action

Supports students to be change agents and increase belonging with themselves, each other, and the wider world.

Purpose | Years 10-12

1 – Self

Supports students to explore who they are by uncovering their personal stories and the gifts they have to offer the world.

2 – Community

Students consider their relationship to the world, issues they care about, and where they can contribute.

3 – Action

Students learn to be change agents in their communities by equipping them with skills to navigate their lives with purpose.


The Respectful Relationships initiative is a primary prevention program that tackles family violence through education. It involves building and promoting gender equity in relationships, challenging gender stereotypes, and supporting students to develop the pro-social behaviors that translate into equitable and courteous relationships.

Kilvington has been selected by the Department of Education and Training as a Leading School to help roll out this initiative. We were awarded a $20,000 grant to deliver this new curriculum across the School and help other schools develop their curriculums and build staff capacity in these areas.

In addition we work with Man Cave - a preventative mental health and emotional intelligence charity that empowers boys to become great men and Flourish Girl, transformative rite of passage social and emotional wellbeing programs for teenage girls, parents and teachers.

Watch a segment recorded for The Project TV of our Kilvington students working with Man Cave here.


Senior School Mentors meet regularly with students, both collectively and individually, in their small Mentor Group of approximately 10-12 students. 

Topics discussed include stress management, healthy habits, relationship building and study strategies, as well as one-on-one conversations about each student’s progress and any issues relating to their wellbeing and academic progress. 

Mentors are the key contacts for parents regarding their child's social, emotional and academic wellbeing. Effective mentoring relies on building strong connections between staff, students and parents, and our Mentors are committed to knowing each student; knowing their interests, strengths, weaknesses, and academic goals and outcomes. 


Kilvington’s Senior School Pastoral Care System is organised into the four House groups: Barrett (red); Burman (yellow); Fethers (blue) and Fysh (green).

There are several House competitions run throughout the year including; Athletics, Arts and Swimming.

The system is divided into Tutor Groups for Years 7–9 and Years 10–12, with three areas of assistance within it: the Tutor, the House Dean and the Head of Senior School, supported by the Counsellor/Chaplain, Year 9 and VCE Coordinators, Learning Support teachers and International Student Coordinator.


In 2018, Kilvington partnered with The Resilience Project to assist students to build their character strengths and explore the concepts of gratitude and empathy. Students are encouraged to take time to reflect, and practise mindfulness through the use of gratitude journals and guided mindfulness activities.

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