We have broad range of co-curricular activities to suit all students interests:


Our debating program is open to students with all levels of experience. It provides an ideal opportunity for students to learn to think quickly on their feet, and to confidently deliver a speech in front of an audience – essential skills for tomorrow’s leaders. 

We are known for our talented public speakers, and many of our students have gone on to win prestigious debating prizes in competition. 


For one week each year Kilvington students go on outdoor education experiences to a destination within Australia. This begins at Year 3 and goes through to Year 12. The focus of each experience varies according to students’ ages and stages of development and provides the opportunity for them to do something new, different and inspiring. They may bushwalk, waterski, scale rock faces, build rafts, surf, ride bikes and take part in leadership courses.

Students develop an understanding of self, others and nature. Apart from personal skills, the outdoor education experiences are integrated into the curriculum in a number of ways, ranging from Geography to Science, Photography and English.


Kilvington is a proud sponsor of the Melbourne Press Club. Once a month our Principal takes a table of students to a lunch where they experience an address given by a prominent state, national or international dignitary, and is attended by the Melbourne press.


Kilvington’s Chess Club is growing in size and popularity, with regular professional instruction for students of all ages and abilities.  Our Junior School chess students have had the opportunity to compete in large competitions at other schools as well as against their peers.

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