Religious Education

As a Christian school, we value the teaching of Religious Education (RE) at Kilvington. As a close-knit and caring community, we embrace the core tenets of Baptist beginnings and tradition, one of which is to respect and celebrate religious freedom. We therefore embrace all faiths, or no faith.

Never has it been more critical to educate our young about the importance of understanding others’ perspectives, acceptance of diversity, and living harmoniously together in an increasingly complex world.

Teaching RE also helps fulfil our mission to provide a learning environment that nurtures our students’ body, mind and spirit. We value a holistic education.

Christian values and virtues underpin the Kilvington RE program such as wisdom and knowledge, courage, justice, hope, love and forgiveness. Our School motto, ‘Not for Our Own but Other’s Good’ helps guide instruction.

All Prep to Year 8 students participate in our RE program. In Junior School (Prep to Year 6), RE forms part of the classroom’s Inquiry Unit.

In Year 7, the RE program aims to help students develop, identify and articulate their own value, meaning and belief structure.

Year 8 includes an overview of the five main world religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. The year concludes with an interfaith dialogue.

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