The Character Initiative

The Character Initiative is a unique program created by Kilvington Grammar that encompasses a range of activities to help our students from ELC to Year 12 develop character traits that will help them thrive at school, out-of-school and into the future.


Common sense tells us that when we are resilient, courageous, curious, persistent, diligent and empathic, life is a more rewarding and enjoyable experience. Considerable scientific research now confirms this, and shows that building character strengths in children enables them to function and perform at a high level throughout their life. Positive psychology studies show that identifying and using character strengths provides a wide range of benefits to students including improved school performance and achievement, enhanced interpersonal and social skills, and greater enjoyment and engagement in school.

Kilvington has developed what many people regard as the most advanced system of character building of any school in the Australian education system.
— The Age
Kilvington’s character program means a lot to me. It teaches me honourable character traits and this has helped me become a better person in class and in the playground. I am more positive and thoughtful, respecting those around me and better at being grateful for what I have.
— Student, Year 5

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