Years 10 - VCE

In their final years at Kilvington, students are encouraged to take ownership and responsibility for their learning. Kilvington’s diverse Senior School programs include the process of inquiry and critical thinking, which allows for multiple perspectives and encourages students to question, reflect, search for answers, apply skills and strive for excellence.

Students are engaged in developing learning relationships, learning for achievement, and learning for life.

In Year 10, students participate in four DECISIONS AND DILEMMAS workshops focused on providing students with the tools to help them perform under pressure.


At Kilvington, we prepare students for the challenges of leadership. There are four major leadership positions at Kilvington: two School Co-Captains and two School Co-Vice Captains. It is the role of these Leaders to publicly represent our School, organise activities, and provide inspiring leadership to other students.

From each House there are also two Year 12 Co-Captains and two Year 11 Co-Vice Captains

In addition, Years 11 and 12 students have opportunities to hold a range of Academic and Co-curricular Leadership Positions. These include: English, Science, Humanities, Languages, Art, Music and Digital Technologies Leaders, as well as Christian, Choral, Debating, Sport, Sustainability, Student Mentor and Robotics Leaders. 

Students of different ages are able to jointly participate with their elders, giving them a valuable sense of shared responsibility.


The two years of VCE are the most challenging of school life. With this in mind, we have implemented a comprehensive adjustment program to prepare students for this significant change. Kilvington's two-week 'Head Start' program lays the groundwork for students' future VCE success. During this time they refine their time management and study skills, both of which will be absolutely essential in the final two years of Senior School.

Several motivational speakers address students during this time focusing on the importance of maintaining focus and dedication in the years ahead. By the end of the Head Start program, students have gained a distinct advantage in terms of their future VCE performance.

Kilvington offers an extensive range of VCE subjects.

The camaraderie and the sense of community are what I love most about Kilvington. Everyone supports each other in all aspects of school life and the students and teachers are all so friendly towards one another, always ensuring everyone feels included and a part of the School.
— Student, Year 11

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